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Celbi Project C15

The Celbi Project C15, at Celbi Pulp Mill, Figueira da Foz, Portugal, aimed to upgrade the existing Celbi Mill to a capacity of 700.000 Tp / year.
This project involved four main areas:
Cooking: Installation of a chip transportation screw, the airlock screw feeder, a Diamondback Chip Bin, a Chip Meter and Chip Tube, chip pumps, sand separators, a liquor in-line drainer, a Digester Steam Economizer and a Vapor Reboiler.
Pre-Evaporation: Decommissioning of existing pre-evaporation, Installation old effect 2 and a new surface condenser and a new flash tank, a new transfer pump in new position. Re-installation of the existing two fibre filters installed in gravitic flow height.
Washing: Installation of a new Fibreline CombiScrew in Pulp Washing Area.
Drying Line Upgrade: Installation of a new Machine Tank, pump and agitator, new new Cleaning Stage (4th Stage), various drying machine upgrades:
Scope: The main process equipment was supplied by Andritz, the complete engineering for integration in the existing Plant, was performed by TEE.

Client: Celbi

Location: Portugal

Category: Industry



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