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Celbi Project C17

The Celbi Project C17, at Celbi Pulp Mill, Figueira da Foz, Portugal, aimed to revamp the Brown Stock Washing and O2 stage, as well as the Bleaching area by installation of new D1 and D1A towers.
This project involved two main areas:
BSW: Installation of a chip transportation screw, the airlock screw feeder, a Diamondback Chip Bin, a Chip Meter and Chip Tube, chip pumps, sand separators, a liquor in-line drainer, a Digester Steam Economizer and a Vapor Reboiler.
Bleaching: The intervention in this area consists essentially of the installation of new towers D1 and D1A, maintaining the current D0 towers. Revamp of the piping systems of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) to undergo the injection at the entrance of the new D1 towers;
Scope: In the BSW area the main process equipment were supplied by Andritz. However, in the Bleaching area the complete systems, including the D1 and D1A towers, were specified by TEE. The complete engineering for integration in the existing Plant, was performed by TEE.

Client: Celbi

Location: Portugal

Category: Industry



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