Electricity / Instrumentation and Systems

The area of electricity activity at TECHNOEDIF is composed of a set of specialists with training and high professional experience, as well as young graduates who together ensure a mixture of experience and innovation in the project solutions developed.

Since the electricity project market is characterized by the high demand for technical qualifications and strict compliance with safety standards and applicable national and international legislation, TECHNOEDIF, since 1965, has accumulated the experience and capabilities necessary for the satisfaction of its customers, covering all phases of the project, from studies and draft details to the construction and commissioning of the facilities.

We have the most modern software, independent and certified, which allow us to perform complex calculations in the various areas of the electrical project.

Our activity is carried out in particular in:

  • Substations and processing stations;
  • Electrical, telecommunications and security facilities in industrial units and buildings;
  • Infrastructure for electricity distribution networks.

This area of engineering defines the instrumentation to be used in the facilities for measuring and controlling procedural variables.

In this activity we are strongly specialized and carry out all activities from the project, including basic and detail engineering, assembly supervision, pre-commissioning and commissioning of facilities.

We carry out our projects in the area of instrumentation with the most modern software tools recognized internationally.

The rigor and choice of the best instrument for your application is the brand image of TECHNOEDIF.     

The systems area is dedicated to the design, development and implementation of industrial control and control systems.

Using automation systems this activity is based on the ability to control and conduct an industrial process.

Receiving the inputs of the process area, we developed the architecture of the system to be implemented and its respective dimensioning, following the rigor that this activity requires.

We specify “fire and gas” systems, DCS (distributed control systems), SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and BMS/BPS (burner management system and boiler protection system).

Based on the cause-and-effect diagrams and as descriptive memories of the process operation, we developed the logic diagrams that will be used by the integrator of the system in question.

We participate in factory acceptance test (FAT), giving strong technical support to the end customer, thus ensuring that the integration of the system complies with the specified.

Taking advantage of the accumulated know-how, a dynamic team with strong responsiveness, we present the best technical and commercial solutions, and with a high longevity, meeting the needs of customers.

Excellence and professionalism are our brand image.