In this area we develop the design, analysis, design and design of foundations and structures, namely:

  • Direct and indirect foundations of buildings, industry structures and equipment and static equipment;
  • Foundations of dynamic equipment such as turbo generator sets, compressors, pumps, etc.;
  • Reinforced concrete structures of industrial buildings and facilities;
  • Metal structures of buildings and industrial installations.

We also carry out other activities such as technical audits of projects and research of civil construction works.

TECHNOEDIF has a department specialized in public and private works architecture, developing in this area all kinds of support services and complement to the project, from its conception, to the final phase of the work:


  • Architectural projects and exterior arrangements;
  • Allotments, licensing, legalizations, feasibility studies and consultancy;
  • Projects for the execution, rehabilitation, recovery and refurbishment of buildings;
  • Monitoring, coordination and supervision of works.

The company has a highly competent and qualified resident team, with a long curriculum in industrial architecture, having developed among others, several projects of administrative buildings, electrical substations, control buildings, manufacturing ships, warehouses, workshops, waste water treatment plants, pavilions for the treatment of urban and industrial waste, etc.

It should also be noted the execution of several architectural projects of specialized buildings such as: palaces of justice, subway stations, train stations, office buildings, airport buildings, hospital facilities, banking buildings, sports complexes, etc.

The architecture area duly integrated into a large multidisciplinary team, is committed to the realization of its projects, seeking customer satisfaction, compliance with deadlines, technical rigor and the economy of the proposed solutions, valuing the use of new materials and innovative techniques, without ever compromising the architectural quality of its works.

We have a multidisciplinary team with qualificationin areas such as:

  • Earthworks and pathways;
  • Hydraulics, namely in studies and rehabilitation of water lines;
  • Affected services associated with the implementation of rail transport projects in light and conventional underground systems;
  • Basic sanitation infrastructure, from the collection, storage and treatment of water distribution to drainage structures and wastewater treatment systems;
  • Services affected/underground infrastructure associated with the implementation of renovation of existing manufacturing units (refinery, energy parks, petrochemicals, energy parks, pulp and paper, chemical industry, among others);
  • Projects of spatial networks for distribution and drainage of waste water;
  • Consulting / support to promoters in the verification / implementation of new projects.

This team has also developed skills in the area of advisory and development of licensing processes related to the implementation of new industrial units as well as in the increase of production capacity of existing industrial units.

Our added value is the multidisciplinary aptitude (training in hydraulics and environment /sanitary) and experience, with the ability to respond to the various areas of intervention as well as the high degree of demand required in the industrial market.