Cost Control and Planning


Through its Planning & Cost Control Department Technoedif prepares the project’s Master Schedule (PMS), establishing the key dates for each participant’s milestones, review and approve each participant’s detail schedules, prepare the detailed overall project schedule for further follow up, prepare and follow up progress curves, proposes eventual corrective measures to prevent deviations and prepares monthly progress reports.
In accordance with the contractual requirements, the following documents are usually included in the monthly report:
· Bar chart schedule showing the progress established based on reference schedule.
· Critical path schedule, with the status of the actual progress and anticipated critical activities.
· List of activities to be completed or to be initiated in the succeeding reference period.
· Schedule trend analysis with forecast remaining duration versus planned activities.
· Narrative and alert notice highlighting areas of concern.


Prepares the detailed budgets for each participant/area, review costs of each on-going contract, review eventual changes to contracts and advise on corrective measures, update the project’s costs database and detailed budget of each participant/area, allowing a quick check of cash needs, identify and review budget deviations and propose corrective measures to control and prevent costs’ increase, check conformity of all received invoicing and prepares validation of payments and monthly reports.