The Area of Piping and Layouts of TECHNOEDIF consists of technical specialists with extensive national and international experience in the realization of industrial facilities projects, mainly developing the following activities:

  • Studies of equipment implementation and arrangement of pipes according to international rules, codes and standards and using the 3D PDMS modeling tool;
  • Analysis of pipe flexibility – static calculation (stresses, displacements and forces) and dynamic (free vibrations – natural frequencies);
  • Preparation of general arrangement drawings, piping layouts, isometrics and listings of piping material, thermal insulation and painting (material take offs and bill of materials);
  • Preparation of layouts of paths of electricity cables and instrumentation and deployment of instruments and junction boxes;
  • Preparation of tie ins processes in projects of modification of existing units (revampings), including on-site marking and monitoring of tests;
  • Coordination and integration in the 3D model of the various disciplines involved in the project, such as instrumentation/electricity, civil/structures, sanitation, safety and packages of equipment suppliers, in order to eliminate the existence of conflicts or interferences and ensure greater reliability of the project;
  • Preparation and realization of model review meetings at different stages of the project, with the objective of enabling customer involvement in the solutions adopted during the project implementation phase and ensuring the optimization of constructive aspects and compliance with specific requirements with regard to accessibility and maintenance;
  • Definition of pipe supports, in coordination with the calculation of flexibility, and dimensioning of special supports;
  • Analysis of pipe flexibility – static calculation (stresses, displacements and forces) and dynamic (free vibrations – natural frequencies);
  • Realization of models the built of existing installations through the integration of 3D surveys in PDMS environment, including the issuance of their project documentation;
  • Support for supervision of work using the 3D model on site, which ensures better coordination of the assembly and the immediate updating of the model for issuing documentation as built.

Three-dimensional updated documentation of high reliability.

The highly qualified technicians and specialized equipment we have allow us, in a short period of time, to obtain up-to-date three-dimensional documentation and high reliability of industrial installations and other constructions.

This technology, which is based on the use of high-definition laser equipment, allows the subsequent execution of projects to change industrial installations and constructions in 3D model.

Our experience in the use of this technology reflected in own procedures developed and proven by more than half a hundred projects executed with high success, allows us to guarantee our customers significant savings in their investments and in the costs of immobilizing their production units.

This technology, coupled with the most modern project execution techniques available to our customers, makes it possible to provide our customers with intelligent models of their facilities with the consequent advantages in terms of operation and maintenance, as well as in future change projects.

Technoedif has extensive experience in the development of equipment calculation activities taking into account design conditions, stability and external loads, specification of design and manufacturing requirements, selection of materials suitable for the service, monitoring and verification of construction designs, monitoring, inspection and support for the construction of static equipment, supported by a set of technicians with extensive experience in these activities, and in the various industries.

Among the static equipment stand out atmospheric tanks, pressure equipment: reactors, columns, spheres, heat exchangers, reservoirs. Other special construction and configuration equipment may be the subject of study by Technoedif.

In the various industries stand out oil and gas, energy and food industry, in addition to several manufacturing units.

The activities carried out in this area cover the various phases of an engineering project, namely

I) Design study/ feasibility/ cost estimate;

II) Base Engineering/ FEED/ FEL;

III) Detail Engineering, with calculation of equipment taking into account project conditions, stability and external loads, specification, analysis of proposals, analysis of suppliers’ documents;

IV) Manufacturing inspections / Reception of equipment on site;

V) Technical Assistance to construction / support to pre commissioning and commissioning.

These activities are part of the set of activities that constitutes an integrated engineering project, namely in the coordination with other areas of activity of the Company: Layouts3D, Civil Construction, Instrumentation, Electricity, Infrastructure, etc., reflecting the final product a 3D model of the final installation.

The equipment, and respective calculations, can be developed according to the codes and building standards commonly used in the areas of activity mentioned: PED, ASME, Eurocode, EN, API, THEME, EEMUA, etc. Equipment specified in accordance with other building codes or standards may be studied by Technoedif Engenharia.

Special calculations may also be developed using specific software, such as ANSYS.

Technoedif has an engineering team specialized in the development of rotating equipment projects and packages, from the development of initial design studies, execution of basic engineering or FEED (Front End Engineering Design) to the development of the detail project and support services in the construction phase.            

The engineering developed in this area is always coordinated with the other engineering sectors of the company, namely the area of Piping and Layouts, allowing the development of an integrated product Engineering – Suppliers – 3D Layouts – CUSTOMER, which allows to provide the customer with an integrated product and with 3D modeling of the final installation.

We have the ability and experience to perform the engineering services applicable to various industrial sectors, such as Oil & Gas, Pulp and Paper, Chemistry, Power Plants (Thermal, Hydro-electric), large water and wastewater treatment units, manufacturing units, etc., including a variety of rotating equipment, namely:

  • All types of centrifugal pumps for all types of services, single-celled or multicellular, horizontal, vertical, of various types and in compliance with applicable international standards and codes, such as API610, ISO5199, ASME B73-1, DIN, etc.;
  • Other types of pumps (rotary, alternative, dosing, PCP) for various services for which they preferably apply;
  • Large process compressors, for Refineries & Petrochemicals, natural gas compression units, etc.;
  • Utility compressors (service air production units, instrument air, nitrogen production, etc.

We can develop solutions with the use of rotating equipment driven by electric motors or other types of drive, such as gas engines, diesel engines, counterpressure steam turbines, etc.

It should be noted that in the development of our studies and projects we consider as reference the international standards and codes applicable to the most diverse industrial sectors, such as API Standards, ISO Standards, ASME, DIN, NFPA, etc., and with the restriction of European Standards (Machine Directive, ATEX Directive, PED, etc.).

In this area, the main activities we can develop are indicated below:

  • Execution of design studies, preliminary selection of rotating equipment, with the objective of master-plan execution, studies and budgeting of interventions in existing units or new units.
  • Execution of Base engineering or FEED (Front End Engineering Design);
  • Development of the detail project, in coordination with the other engineering disciplines;
  • Development of technical documentation necessary for equipment procurement;
  • Reception and technical analysis of proposals;
  • Analysis of supplier documentation and realization of the approval cycle of supplier documents.

We also develop activities inherent to technical support to the installation of rotating equipment and packages, namely:

  • Installation supervision


• Preparation of commissioning activities, with the issuance of specific technical commissioning procedures.

The company has an area specialized in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) with accumulated experience since 1965 in the design of facilities for all types of industrial buildings and services. Developing studies and projects, as well as the most diverse support services and complement to the project.

We meet the needs of the client providing support from the design, to the final phase of the work.

At the industrial level we have extensive experience in designing facilities for buildings in:

  • Petrochemicals;
  • Paper companies;
  • Pharmaceuticals (Clean Rooms);
  • Energy Production;

We are proud to include BIM methodologies in our working methods, we provide in an integrated way a service in which, in addition to the modeling of HVAC facilities in REVIT, a coordination is carried out with all other specialties, in order to provide the customer with optimized facilities and execution times.                    

The concern for sustainability and energy efficiency of the projected facilities is always underlying our activities.