TECHNOEDIF develops projects of power plants in the widest configurations, contributing, from its creation to the conception and remodeling of the national energy park.

Our experience covers all sectors of electric power generation in fossil fuel power plants as well as units based on renewable energy or energy from waste.

As in the Industrial area, our capabilities in the energy production sector are comprehensive and include technical-economic feasibility studies, basic engineering, detailed engineering, turnkey supplies, technical audits, remodeling studies and of capacity increase, among other engineering services.

Our solutions in the power generation sector naturally draw on TECHNOEDIF’s vast experience in this area, of which we highlight projects in coal, oil and natural gas power plants in a dedicated production or cogeneration configuration, as well as a recent very successful bet in renewable energies, namely in Biomass, CDRs and Solar Thermal plants

With the rapid development of the company in the recent years, the Renewable Energy sector on an industrial scale has also been developed in particular, the production of energy from biomass and waste, as well as the solar thermal concentrating sector.

Once again, our technical expertise was demonstrated by the participation in the EPC of the largest biomass power plant operating in Portugal, with a capacity of 30MWe, as well as in other smaller biomass projects.

Technoedif’s capabilities in the renewables sector are also highlighted by our involvement in waste energy recovery projects, namely CDRs, sludge from industrial wastewater treatment plants, or combinations of these with biomass.

About the solar thermal sector, we have developed, together with our technological partners, advanced technological solutions for parabolic solar thermal power plants. This extensive work now allows us to design, procure, build and commission extremely competitive solutions for CSP plants, a sector that will, soon, be critical for national and European energy supply.

TECHNOEDIF is the engineering company for gas cogeneration plants for the industry, both small and large scale.

Taking advantage of our industrial experience our projects are designed having the most demanding requirements in mind, to provide a stable and guaranteed source of steam as well as to maximize the production of electricity.

TECHNOEDIF has designed the largest natural gas cogeneration unit in operation in Portugal using the most demanding technical requirements and the best available techniques, thus confirming our leadership of engineering capabilities in the sector.

Of course, our technical capabilities also enable us to carry out small and medium-sized cogeneration projects, thus meeting the specific and size requirements of each industry, maintaining as a priority the need for stable steam production and maximization of electrical production.

Electricity is undoubtedly one of the essential assets that we currently have.

The use of energy has been crucial to the development of human society by helping it to control and adapt to the environment. Managing the use of energy is inevitable in any functional society.

However, electricity needs to be produced, transported and only then can be used.

TECHNOEDIF, whose experience has been based on the execution of countless projects over its more than 50 years, has the technical capacity to offer innovative, professional and quality solutions to face these challenges, covering all stages of the project, from studies to the bringing into service of installations.

The quality, safety, innovation, technical capacity, as well as the credibility that TECHNOEDIF offers to its customers and investors, have been highly fundamental values that allow us to reference our position in the market.