Process and Environment

TECHNOEDIF’s process area is comprised of a group of specialists with a high level of academic training and experience, making use of certified and internationally recognized modeling and calculation software.

Most of our process engineers have obtained on-the-job training in our former parent company, where they have participated in major international projects.

In view of our accumulated experience, we are qualified to elaborate:

  • Process and trouble-shooting studies;
  • Process simulations;
  • Various hydraulic calculations (steady and transient);
  • Mass and enthalpic balances and PFDs;
  • P&ID’s and line lists;
  • Definition of requirements for the choice of equipment construction materials;
  • Studies on the definition of flare networks;
  • Equipment lists;
  • Data sheets for equipment and instruments;
  • Thermo-hydraulic dimensioning of TEMA heat exchangers and Aircoolers;
  • Defining process safety and control philosophies;
  • Participation in safety studies (WHAT IF, HAZOP, SIL);
  • Collaboration in the elaboration of operation manuals

HAZOP is one of the services we offer in the field of industrial safety engineering.

Our frequent involvement over the years in procedural risk analysis, both as a process engineer and as a moderator of HAZOP, results into a high level of experience in the field, namely refinery and petrochemicals.

Our technicians have specific training in risk analysis conducted by IFP – Institut Français du Pétrole – “Implement Process Hazard Reviews HAZOP, What-If, Check-list”.

SIL classification is another of the services we provide as part of the certification process for safety instrumented systems according to EN IEC 61511 – “Functional Safety: Safety Instrumented Systems for the Process Industry”.

In addition to the studies mentioned, our Industrial Safety area further elaborates:

  • Protection and fire-fighting studies;
  • Gas and fire detection studies;
  • Classification studies of ATEX areas;
  • Buildings Fire Safety Projects (all risk classes).

TECHNOEDIF bets on its ability to diversify within engineering, presenting in its portfolio the experience of projects in the environmental area, with special emphasis on waste treatment, water treatment and domestic and industrial waste water.

We cooperate in the execution of environmental studies, which complement our activity and are incorporated in our engineering, being a decisive factor in the choice of the best technological solutions


Waste Treatment

Waste was considered for decades an undesirable product of economic activities.

The social concerns of reducing this environmental liability accompanied by a general change of attitudes propelled the technological innovation backed by industrial engineering solutions.

Sharing this sustainable attitude and feeling an increased responsibility, we seek to complement our technical knowledge with the necessary knowledge to promote the prevention, separation, recycling and energy recovery of waste.

We incorporate our industrial experience in technological processes of robustness and proven efficiency, that allow the mechanical transformation of the waste, the biological degradation of the organic fractions, with the production of biogas and electric energy, besides the incineration, essentially thermal process that allows the recovery of its calorific potential.

We take pride in creating value!


Environmental Impacts

Our ability to imagine, design and build the future is only possible today because our common overall objective is the environmental, economic, and social sustainability of our projects.

We associate with the best available technologies and engineering best practices the critical analysis of the impacts of industrial, petrochemical and energy production facilities that we design and build.

We develop partnerships and have a multidisciplinary team with high technical experience that allow us to develop environmental impact studies of technically recommended engineering solutions.

We care about the outcome of our project in anticipation.

ASPEN SUITE, including:


for process simulation


heat exchangers design and rating


flare network system design and optimization


steady state and transient simulations of multi-product pipeline

AFT Impulse 8

water hammer and surge analysis


intelligent P&IDS

HAZOP Manager (Lihoutech)

Software for hazard analysis performance

PHAWorks (Primatech)

Software for hazard analysis performance

PIPENET VISION 1.9 version, Spray/Sprinkler module

Fire water network hydraulic calculations

ExSILentia (Exida)

SIL Analysis

Gexcon Efects

Consequence Modeling