Through its Procurement Department, TECHNOEDIF purchases goods and services, both in its own name, for turnkey projects and on behalf of its clients for EPCM projects.

As a success factor in the projects in which it participates, TECHNOEDIF submits to a careful evaluation process all its partners for the manufacture of equipment, supply of materials and execution of construction contracts.

TECHNOEDIF’s procurement policy is based on the following principles:
· Application of Procurement procedures that take into account the specific requirements of each project;
· Acquisition based on competitive proposals submitted by reliable suppliers and construction contractors with good track record both on quality and on meeting deadlines.

In the leadership of its sector of activity, TECHNOEDIF seeks, on the one hand, to maintain a long and lasting relationship with successful partners, and on the other hand to identify, as early as possible, new partners, favoring suppliers and construction contractors with past experience with the clients and the locations where the work will be executed.