Other Industries

Other Industries

Since its creation in 1965, TECHNOEDIF, on its own or in association with international companies, has been present in most of the major industrial projects executed in Portugal and covering practically all industry branches, such as: petroleum refining, petrochemicals, natural gas, chemical, pulp and paper, cement and mines.

Our capability to execute this type of projects has been greatly enhanced and consolidated by obtaining technical know-how and proven procedures and working methods during the period in which we were part of one of the largest engineering groups in the world.

One of the company’s vocations is the so-called “proximity engineering” in which we develop multidisciplinary studies for trouble-shooting, energy optimization, improvement of safety conditions and functional performance increase of existing facilities.

In the last decade we have expanded our presence to other markets such as Africa and the Middle East.

Throughout its more than 50 years of experience, TECHNOEDIF has continuously developed its working methods and created new skills in its capability to execute projects in the process / chemical industry.

As a result, we now develop innovative solutions for integration of new technologies, either in the conversion of existing units or in the installation of new units.

Our motivation in the execution of the projects is the optimization of the investment costs and of the operation and maintenance costs.

Our ability to perform, widely recognized by technology providers and clients, is characterized by the quality of the projects in strict compliance with the deadlines and costs of our services.

As evidenced by our long list of references in this area, our reliability and credibility has, over the years, deserved the trust of the most diverse customers.


Chemical Expertise

Since the beginning of its activity, TECHNOEDIF has participated in most of the major chemical industry projects in Portugal.

Its experience in this area of expertise, ranges from the selection of technologies for industrial applications, through investment feasibility studies, partnerships with technology providers and clients, to basic and detailed engineering projects for industrial units and the supply and installation of turnkey industrial units.

As in other areas of industry, the company’s experience is complemented by that of its specialists having participated in various international projects, integrating teams in its former parent company´s projects

TECHNOEDIF develops important part of its activity for the pulp and paper industry.

Experience in the implementation of modernization solutions, namely in revamps and capacity increases, makes TECHNOEDIF the ideal partner.

Having previously worked with specialized companies in this sector of activity and having a close knowledge of the various industrial units in Portugal, TECHNOEDIF’s participation will always be an added value for new investment projects.

Combining specialist design skills in 3D with modern laser survey tools and modeling software, we ensure our customers the highest technical reliability on construction projects.

In the pulp and paper industry TECHNOEDIF is an indispensable partner.