Buildings & Infrastructures


Coordination, Interdisciplinary business value

Coordination, Interdisciplinary business value
The experience acquired and consolidated over the years, recognized by its clients, enables TECHNOEDIF to design projects of buildings with more or less complex programs in areas as diverse as administrative and other services, hotels, schools, hospitals, high-tech buildings, such as electrical substations, buildings for the petrochemical industry, refining, pharmaceutical, mining, steel, logistics, waste treatment, among others.

In the area of buildings, TECHNOEDIF develops studies and projects in accordance with the program intended by the client, whether in the public or private sector, giving priority to support and technical follow-up in close cooperation with the client, from the beginning of the project until its issue for construction, preparation of specifications and technical-economic evaluation of proposals, when requested by the client.
Particular attention is given to the preparation and training of permitting projects, which have been the subject of an increasing number of legal requirements, which are usually one of the client’s concerns, as well as consultations with outside institutions and their follow-up by the Permitting Authorities until final approval.

The execution capacity of the building projects in TECHNOEDIF covers the architectural and all the other specialties involved, and interdisciplinary coordination is an added value of the company, which ensures close compliance with budgets, deadlines, planning and client’s objectives.


Experience gained in the development of this type of integrated projects

In the field of infrastructure projects, TECHNOEDIF has multidisciplinary project teams, which develop studies and projects in the areas of communication and transport, earthworks and subdivisions in the area of tourist complexes, basic sanitation, waste treatment, irrigation networks and reuse and use of water.

In view of the experience gained in the development of this type of integrated projects, TECHNOEDIF is already considered a reference company in this sector, bringing together teams highlighting the application of the principles of sustainable development in the areas of quality, safety and environment.