AGOCO Project Gas Utilization J-22

Project Gas Utilization J-22

In 2016, as a result of the improvement of the political situation in Libya, AGOCO (Arabian Golf Oil Company) relaunched the flares gas recovery project in several SARIR Sites (located in the eastern part of the country, about 600km south of Benghazi) with a view to use the gas as fuel for the power plant of its GRAMA water pumping unit (located about 300km West of SARIR) to the Mediterranean coast. The key events and / or dates of this ongoing project are:

September / October 2016: Engineering and Laser Scanning surveys were executed
February 2017: Project kick-off
June-2018: 30% completion of the 3D model for all Sites achieved (“Model review” conducted on 20-Jun-2018)
October-2018: 60% completion of the 3D model for all Sites
December-2018: 90% completion of the 3D model for all sites
Start-up of the installation: September-2019