• Celtejo


New Power Plant

The Tejo Project 2018, at Celtejo Pulp Mill, is concerns the installation of a new Thermal Power Plant designed to meet the future Mill capacity with process steam and electrical power. This Power Plant will also be able to supply and sell electrical power to the national grid. This project includes a new Recovery Boiler with a maximum production capacity of 250 Ton/h High Pressure Steam, operating at 98 bara and 495ºC. A new tail condensing Steam Turbine will be installed, able to generate 35 MWe, both for internal needs and for dispatching to the grid.

The Power Plant shall also be able to supply the mill with process steam in three different pressure levels: MP2, MP1 and LP. The complete installation shall include new cooling towers; the revamp of the existing electrical Substation (60/11kV), as well as all the required auxiliary systems such as fuel feeding, cooling water circulation systems, chemical dosing, compressed air and nitrogen, fire protecting and I&C.

Client: Celtejo

Location: Portugal

Category: Edifícios e Infraestruturas