Technoedif Petroleum

With the international expansion of the Technoedif group and in particular in the Far East, the project has been detected and prospected for projects whose financing will be partially obtained by the trading of crude and refined products.

Faced with this reality was created in 2017 a company whose object is the trading of these products

This company has its headquarters in the Free Zone of the island of Madeira.

Technoedif SGPS holds 92% of the company’s share capital

The start of its activity is conditional upon the start of the projects mentioned

Similar to Technoedif Engenharia, the corporate purpose of this Company is:

Provision of engineering services, namely:

  • Preparation of studies and projects
  • Demand for supplies and services
  • Management and supervision of works
  • Execution of construction and erection of projects of any nature making use of subcontractors.

Similar to Technoedif Engenharia the mission of this Company is:

The satisfaction of its clients through the provision of engineering services, in accordance with the commitments assumed and ensuring their fair remuneration.

Similar to Technoedif Engenharia, the values of this Company are:

Human integrity, social responsibility and environmental responsibility are the core values of TECHNOEDIF.

These values are announced in the Charter of Values, which defines the Principles of Performance and the Standard of Individual Conduct, and the Ethics, Social, Environmental and Safety, Hygiene and Health Letters that define the objectives of the company in these areas, and the corresponding guidelines and rules of good conduct.

Address and Contacts

Technoedif Petroleum

Rua Alferes Veiga Pestana, C.C.
Alferes Veiga Pestana, Entrada 1
Escritório / Loja 39, freguesia de
Santa Luzia, concelho do Funchal

Rui Antas Fernandes

Tel – (+351) 21 470 66 00 / 71
Tlm – (+351) 96 148 26 81
Fax – (+351) 21 470 66 03
E-mail –