Technoedif Engenharia

TECHNOEDIF Engenharia, SA is the largest Portuguese engineering company in the area of Industry and Energy and has confirmed experience in all areas of activity and with particular emphasis on Process Industry (Refining of Petroleum, Petrochemicals, Chemistry) and Energy.

Created in 1965 and having been integrated for 16 years in one of the largest engineering companies worldwide, the experience and know-how of its teams put TECHNOEDIF in a key position for the participation of Portuguese engineering in major projects in Portugal and abroad.

Provision of engineering services, namely:

  • Preparation of studies and projects
  • Demand for supplies and services
  • Management and supervision of works
  • Execution of construction and erection of projects of any nature making use of subcontractors.



Constitution of Lusotecna, by Augusto Supico, Olívio Bento and Nobre da Costa


Technip acquires 63% of the Capital Stock


The company name is changed to Technip Portugal


Certification according to NP EN ISO9001, by Bureau Veritas. Technip’s stake increases to 93%


Following an MBO, Technip’s position is acquired by Technoedif SGPS, consisting of Fernando Carvalho, Manuel Oliveira, Joaquim Lourenço, Gomes da Cruz, Orlando Almeida, Mário Silva, António Farracho and Nuno Maria.


The social denomination becomes Technoedif Engenharia


Increase of the Capital Stock to 1 million euros.

Certification of the Integrated Management System (Quality, Environment and Safety) according to NP EN ISO9001: 2008, ISO14001: 2004 and OHSAS18001: 2007, by Bureau Veritas

The satisfaction of its clients through the provision of engineering services, in accordance with the commitments assumed and ensuring their fair remuneration.

Human integrity, social responsibility and environmental responsibility are the core values of TECHNOEDIF.


These values are announced in the Charter of Values, which defines the Principles of Performance and the Standard of Individual Conduct, and the Ethics, Social, Environmental and Safety, Hygiene and Health Letters that define the objectives of the company in these areas, and the corresponding guidelines and rules of good conduct.

The sustained growth that Technoedif Engenharia has registered in recent years now allows it to take the lead in the sector of consulting and engineering services in the areas of industry and energy in Portugal.

This leadership is accompanied by the strong financial condition that the company holds, as well as by the high technical execution capacity guaranteed by the quality of its human and material resources and by the procedures and methods implemented.

This has allowed society to cross without difficulty the unfavorable situation that we are experiencing at home and abroad and is a source of pride for all those who work in the company and represents a guarantee for its customers and suppliers.

It should be noted that this growth was always achieved in compliance with the commitments to safety, the environment and the quality inherent to the services provided, along with our integrity in the scrupulous respect of ethical and moral principles.

It is therefore with great optimism that I affirm that society is prepared to face the future, since I am sure that the continuation of these policies will be a guarantee of obtaining the satisfaction of our clients, our employees, our shareholders and our Providers.

Finally, I would like to point out that this comfortable and sustainable situation would not have been possible without the competence, availability and delivery of all our employees, who, often with personal sacrifice, helped us to overcome the most difficult periods we have been through.

Fernando Carvalho

Chairman of the Board of Directors

  • The organization of the company is based in the following directions:
  • Technical direction, assures the technical quality and the development of the various technical competences, in carrying out the studies and projects for the various areas of activity;
  • Project management leads multidisciplinary project teams per product line;
  • Resources management, manages the resources of the various disciplines: process, 3D digitization, piping, mechanical, civil, instrumentation and control and electrical;
  • Procurement, planning and cost control department responsible for demand, planning and cost control activities;
  • Construction management, Executes the construction projects, coordinates the management and supervision of sites.

Technoedif Engenharia provides engineering services for the most diverse sectors of activity and has in-house, all the technical skills required. In this way you can assure your customers the highest quality of execution at the best price, together with the highest ethical and moral standards and respect for safety and the environment.

TECHNOEDIF often works with clients of different nationalities, running a wide range of services, such as:

  • Viability studies;
  • Process studies;
  • Project management and supervision;
  • Basic engineering;
  • Detailed engineering;
  • Procurement, inspection and expediting;
  • Construction;
  • Commissioning and start-up;
  • Staff training.

The organic structure is led by the board of directors, which is responsible for managing the company and coordinating the various areas.

Administrative Council


Fernando Veloso de Carvalho


Manuel Franca Oliveira
Joaquim Mata Lourenço
Nuno Maria

Address and Contacts

Technoedif Engenharia


Taguspark – Edifício Qualidade A3
Av. Prof. Dr. Cavaco Silva, 5B
2740-296 Porto Salvo, Portugal


Tel: 214 706 600
Fax: 214 706 604