Detail Engineering for GO Tanks

Repsol Portuguesa’s installation for the reception, storage and export of Diesel (GO), and reception and incorporationinto diesel of Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME), in Sines.

The project consists of four tanks (three for storage of diesel with a total capacity of 100,117 m3 and one for storage of FAME with capacity for 3,448 m3), a loading station tanker trucks, an island for reception of FAME and all means necessary for the reception of diesel from Sines Port Terminal and export of diesel to CLC Aveiras, via the Pipeline Sines – Aveiras.

This project has synergies with the existing Repsol Polímeros facility, namely, the use of piping systems, the sharing of utilities produced at Repsol Polímeros and maintenance and fire fighting services.