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Galp Energia awarded to TEE the EPCM for the revamping of ROG PSA, with the objective of increasing the unit’s capacity.

The project consists of diverting part of the low pressure hydrogen-rich waste gas produced at the refinery and sending it as fuel to the HI-H-1 Steam Methane Reformer (SMR) furnace.


The project consisted of:
• 38 valve replacement of existing ROG PSA Unit (Linde Licensor)
• Construction of a new line for the HI-H-1 (Linde Steam Methane Reformer) furnace, partially replacing the natural gas supply;
• Installation of a new HI-F2 filter;

The revamping of unit involved several disciplines:

• Process
• Industrial Safety
• Laser Scan survey
• Layouts/Piping/ Mechanical
• Civil and Steel Structures
• E&I&Control
• Procurement and Expediting
• Management and Construction Supervision
During the execution of the detailed engineering, the HAZOP and SIL meetings were held.

Client: Galp Energia

Location: Refinaria de Sines




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