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Axens was awarded with an EPF Contract by IPP (Irkutsk Polymer Plant) to perform “Complete reaction Modular Unit for the Production (Synthesis) of Linear Alpha-Olefins from Ethylene”, referred to as “Alphabutol Unit”, under license from Axens for the new Irkutsk Oil Company Polymer Plant in Ust Kut, Russia.
Axens awarded the Detail Engineering Services to TECHNOEDIF (TEE).

The scope of work of TEE comprise the following:
• Perform all Detail Design Engineering of the Unit, according Russian norms (GOST) and Client requirements, including issue of all documents required for procurement of bulk materials and issue of all drawings required for construction at YARD (China) and SITE (Russia). Drawings for construction at SITE shall comply with Russian requirements;
• Perform all Detail Design, calculations and issue all drawings required for the transport of the MODULES, including temporary re-enforcement, lifting, installation and reassembly drawing of MODULES into PAU (Pre-Assembled Unit) at SITE;
• Perform Electrical and Instrumentation installation Engineering;
• Provide all documents, such as tie-in’s list and drawings, defining the interfaces between the UNIT and the PLANT (OSBL);

Client: Axens

Location: Rússia




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